We Help People Who Suffer From Chronic Pain, Restore Balance And Live A Normal Active Life.

Patients that follow our unique non-invasive therapy system* experience a rebooting of their nervous system that results in increased energy, healing of the gut, and reduced inflammation** so that they can live a normal life again - free from the restrictions that pain puts on their life.


History of InterX Therapy Center



    We had 2 treatment rooms and a training room in the manufacturing plant (NRG) where patients were treated, people trained and held classes for 2 day trainings. Trained sales people here who came from all over the world. These rooms and the training room were mainly used to explore results of treatment on various conditions, acute and chronic. We performed pilot studies here as well (trigeminal neuralgia, CRPS, low back study, plantar fasciitis, EDS/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, sinusitis, fine lines and wrinkles/cosmetic application). Patients had a hard time finding the “center/clinic” so we moved to a better location, around hospitals and medical clinics (Dallas Presby/Medical City Dallas). We began filing insurance.



    We had a 700 sq foot office space where we began to get busier from referrals from a friend/neurosurgeon who was excited about our Low Back Study results. This doctor was instrumental in getting us moved to the medical location. We saw many diagnoses and really put protocols and training together, discovering the multi pad approach here. Julie and Annette joined me in 2010. Got into more filing of insurance with major carriers; saw a lot of American Airline patients with a strong relationship with a RN who was over pilot’s medical care to get them back to flying post injury, etc. Devices and treatment were reimbursed at that time.



    We convinced NRG that we needed more room so we moved to a slightly larger place with 3 treatment rooms and began to work with aides to help with treatment. We were still working for NRG. We continued treatment, discovering best treatment practices and protocols. Went to NRG management to “buy out” the clinic. We were denied and NRG decided to close the doors of InterX.



    We purchased NRG, InterX name and assets. Changed name from NRG to InterX Technologies. We moved the clinic to its current place now. We built out the current place with the desire to have a training center and also open rooms for adding therapists/aides to provide treatment, maintenance treatments, etc. We continued treatment with multiple device methods.

Licenses and Certifications

InterX is
FDA 510(k) number K042912 stimulator, nerve, transcutaneous, for pain relief
FDA 510(k) number K053626 electrode, cutaneous
BSI Certificate of Registration ISO 13485:2016
CSA Certificate of Compliance
Non Invasive Neurostimulation System Patented