Rick M.’s Story

After visits with two different neurosurgeons, I was advised that surgery would be the only correction for my neck pain and hand numbness. After hearing about InterX Therapy from a colleague, I decided to do some research.

Shortly thereafter, I completed a series of treatments noticing neck pain relief after five sessions. The numbness in my hand subsided after eight treatments and was completely gone after eleven. With the incorporation of InterX’s home treatment system, I have been able to eliminate the numbness in my hand and control my neck pain.

Prior to InterX Therapy, I wasn’t able to drive my car without tilting my head forward to look over my glasses nor was I able to ride my bike, play racquetball, or participate in other activities. After treatment, I no longer have any limitations or require pain medication.

Thanks to InterX, I no longer have restrictions on my abilities! I strongly recommend the program.