Dallas Scleroderma Treatment | Patient Testimonial – Angie’s Story

I came to the Interx Therapy Center hoping to relieve the pain from every joint in my body. I had been diagnosed with systemic scleroderma in 2007. Previous to being diagnosed, I had been in a great deal of pain for eighteen months and had been to seven different doctors hoping someone had an answer to why I was losing the ability to walk and take care of myself and why my whole body was in pain 24/7. My skin was so tight it hurt for someone to touch me, and I lost the ability to even open a water bottle or pick up a gallon of milk. When I got the diagnosis, I had a choice to make.

I was very tired. There was never any relief from the pain. And I hated my family watching me slowly dying. I asked God to either take me home quickly or show me what to do to heal my body. Since there is very little success treating systemic scleroderma, I looked for any treatment that related to RA, cancer, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue. I have tried everything out there, traveled to four different states and spent hundreds of hours researching and studying. In those two years, I tried many things that did not work, and Praise the Lord, I found the combination of treatments that did work. I was able to get my organs out of danger and believed I would not die in the expected three to five years. I was elated and thankful to be alive – but I still had some remaining joint pain. It was not as severe as it had been the previous three years, but I really wanted to remember what it felt like to be a normal person and be pain free.

A God-ordained appointment put me in contact with Janice Walker and I knew I had found the missing piece to my healing. I had tried chiropractics, massage therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, Bowen therapy, and was just getting ready to embark on acupuncture when I was introduced to Janice. All of these treatments gave me a little relief for a very short period of time, but nothing lasted.

The InterX treatment seemed to make so much sense using the homeostatic points on the body as treatment areas and allowing the body to heal itself through stimulation of the InterX. It was like all those treatments rolled into one. And no side effects! Yeah! In less than two months I was on a plane from Ohio to Dallas for my final attempt to be pain-free. When I arrived the love and care I felt was humbling, to say the least. I was treated for the recommended ten days and during that time I showed a little improvement every day. What was amazing was how day-by-day I continued to get better and better until about forty-five days after I got back from Dallas, I announced I was in full remission! No constant pain anymore! Yes, little pains will come and go just like the weather, but I have my life back and it’s good to be alive! God has been so good to me and I thank Him for bringing Janice and Annette into my life. They are His ministering angels on earth.

I am writing this 2 1/2 years after being treated in Dallas and I am here to say the treatment works and I am still doing great. I am glad to talk with anyone to help answer questions from the patient’s point of view.