Nerve Pain Relief Devices

For patients suffering from acute, post-surgical, and severe intractable chronic pain, the InterX 5002 professional and the InterX 1000 personal medical devices, along with our full line of accessory electrodes, provide post-traumatic, chronic, and neuropathic pain treatment and deliver natural and effective pain relief that lasts. InterX nerve pain relief devices are applied directly to the skin without the need for any conductive gel. Both devices directly deliver pain free non-invasive interactive neurostimulation, and are compatible with multiple electrode accessories for specialized, dynamic and unattended treatment.

interX 5002

The InterX Device

Our most important asset, the InterX device is used to scan the patient's body, identifying where best to treat. Then, our devices deliver varied stimulation to specific points of treatment. Clinical research and evidence supports the InterX device as the best way to significantly reduce pain and restore function. InterX non-invasive neurostimulation devices are FDA cleared and doctor recommended for the treatment of acute injuries, post-surgical and severe chronic pain.

The InterX Technologies Story

Based on technology originally designed for astronauts as an alternative to taking medication at zero gravity, InterX technologies are now at the fingertips of athletes, patients and professionals. InterX non-invasive interactive neurostimulation (NIN) devices provide safe and highly effective pain treatment for those looking for a drug free, lasting and non-invasive alternative.

Military Use

InterX products are now GSA approved and available to U.S. Military and Veterans

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