Dallas Wrist Pain Treatment | Patient Testimonials – C.B.’s Story

I recently completed several months of InterX sessions with Janice and Annette. My primary care doctor referred me for moderate to severe pain in my left hand and thumb which had been bothering me for many months.

I did notice some improvement with the first session.

In addition to the wrist-area pain, I also was having low back pain. Both conditions greatly limited my ability to lift and carry objects therefore limiting my daily activities which affected my mood. Additionally, my sleep was adversely affected; I was already experiencing long-term sleep irregularities prior to the wrist and thumb pain. The InterX sessions over time did improve my sleep routine and increased my quality of rest while gradually decreasing two prescription sleep aids.

Overall, InterX Therapy was a positive experience for me. I purchased a home unit which I use at least two to three times a week. The atmosphere at the Dallas clinic is more positive and encouraging than most clinics where I’ve sought help in the past.

“Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)