About Us

With years of experience treating a wide range of conditions and injuries, there isn't much your InterX® Therapy Center therapists haven't seen – or successfully treated.

We are a faith-based company that desires to restore the hope of active life to those suffering from pain.

We use the InterX System, protocols, and our neuro background to move the body into a place of self repair from the issues caused by poor overall healing of chronic injuries or illness.

In addition to being experts in the full line of InterX® Technologies devices and attachments, the nerve pain therapists at the InterX® Therapy Center can offer guidance on the lifestyle changes you can make for a fuller, more efficient recovery.

Meet Our Team

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Janice Walker, OTR

The Lord has been good to Janice all her life and led her into the profession of Occupational Therapy over 30 years ago. She was introduced to InterX 16 years ago when she had the opportunity to go overseas and be trained in the use of the device. Over time and use, she and her colleague have come up with specific protocols to help people who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation associated with chronic illness or injuries that cannot heal. She has always been "attracted" to those who suffer from any type of pain-physical, spiritual or mental pain. Her desire is to see people feel "whole" again and be able to live the full life that God created each of us to live. In her number of years serving her patients in chronic pain, she has had the privilege of walking side by side with each person as they begin to heal and live an active life again. Janice is so grateful for this opportunity and blessing to restore HOPE in others and looks forward with each patient to the time when their body starts to move forward and thrive again. She knows that this takes time & much effort on both she and her team and the patient.

Janice has a strong faith in God and desires to see Him glorified in her work on this earth. She feels more than blessed to have the ability to serve the Lord in helping others. She is a wife, mother of 3 grown and married children, and Mimi of 3 adorable grands.

"Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them; and I will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth" Jeremiah 33: 6

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Annette Murray, PT

God blessed my life by introducing me to InterX in 2008 while I was working in Pittsburgh, PA as a physical therapist. I was looking for a way to help people with failed back surgeries and fibromyalgia as traditional therapy was very limited in helping them and I felt so badly that I couldn’t do more. One of my first patients that I treated in Pittsburgh had fibromyalgia for 16 years, and she couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night. After her first treatment, she slept 6 hours, and her pain went down 5 points. I was hooked but didn’t know enough about how to treat with the device. After getting instructions from Janice Walker in Dallas, I realized I needed further training. I visited Janice in 2009 to get training. She asked me to move to Dallas to help her, and after much reluctance and prayer, I moved from Pittsburgh to Dallas at the end of 2009. One of my first patients in Dallas was a failed back surgery. One of the worst I had ever seen. He responded so well after 6 treatments that I knew I made the right decision to move.

To this day, I am still impressed with all the results that can be achieved by treating with the InterX that could not be achieved with traditional therapy. I have learned so much about inflammation, the autonomic system, GI dysfunction, neuropathic pain, and more that the InterX helps normalize and give people their lives back.

I sure miss Pittsburgh and my family, but I know I am being used for a bigger purpose plus, all my knowledge over the years has helped to keep my family well in so many ways. What a blessing.

History of InterX Therapy Center



    We had 2 treatment rooms and a training room in the manufacturing plant (NRG) where patients were treated, people trained and held classes for 2 day trainings. Trained sales people here who came from all over the world. These rooms and the training room were mainly used to explore results of treatment on various conditions, acute and chronic. We performed pilot studies here as well (trigeminal neuralgia, CRPS, low back study, plantar fasciitis, EDS/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, sinusitis, fine lines and wrinkles/cosmetic application). Patients had a hard time finding the “center/clinic” so we moved to a better location, around hospitals and medical clinics (Dallas Presby/Medical City Dallas). We began filing insurance.



    We had a 700 sq foot office space where we began to get busier from referrals from a friend/neurosurgeon who was excited about our Low Back Study results. This doctor was instrumental in getting us moved to the medical location. We saw many diagnoses and really put protocols and training together, discovering the multi pad approach here. Julie and Annette joined me in 2010. Got into more filing of insurance with major carriers; saw a lot of American Airline patients with a strong relationship with a RN who was over pilot’s medical care to get them back to flying post injury, etc. Devices and treatment were reimbursed at that time.



    We convinced NRG that we needed more room so we moved to a slightly larger place with 3 treatment rooms and began to work with aides to help with treatment. We were still working for NRG. We continued treatment, discovering best treatment practices and protocols. Went to NRG management to “buy out” the clinic. We were denied and NRG decided to close the doors of InterX.



    We purchased NRG, InterX name and assets. Changed name from NRG to InterX Technologies. We moved the clinic to its current place now. We built out the current place with the desire to have a training center and also open rooms for adding therapists/aides to provide treatment, maintenance treatments, etc. We continued treatment with multiple device methods.