Frequently Asked Questions

What is InterX?

InterX is a non-invasive (doesn’t puncture the skin) neurostimulation system that is a patented advanced technology. It stimulates the nerves on the skin, does not go into the muscle or create a muscle contraction. The nerve stimulation communicates with the nerves that travel to the brain, spinal cord and extremities. This nerve stimulation will cause the body to release pain relievers, neurotransmitters, and neuropeptides that help relieve pain and restore health to the body.

Is the InterX device safe over implants?

The InterX device can be used over metal implants for joint replacement safely or hardware in the body. Do NOT use the device directly over or near pacemakers and turn off spinal cord stimulators while being treated.

Can I use InterX with other modalities?

InterX works well with laser devices on the same day of treatment as well as heat or ice. If using other electrical stimulation devices, it is best to use them on separate days. The InterX treatment works in the body after the treatment is over and effects can be noticed the next day. The treatments are cumulative with longer lasting effects over time.

Is the device masking pain?

InterX is not like other TENS devices or devices used to mask pain only while it is on. The treatment over the skin releases chemicals in the body to reduce pain and restore function. It can be placed directly over the area of pain or stiffness and used with movement or in the position of pain such as standing, walking, with exercise. This will change the aberrant pathway to/from the brain which will relieve pain.

Will my insurance cover the cost of InterX?

Most medical insurance will NOT cover the cost of the InterX device. Around 2010, most insurance companies deemed electrical stimulation devices to be experimental for pain relief and stopped covering it. Some workers’ compensation may cover it.

Do my veteran benefits cover this device?

InterX does have a government contract, although each VA is independent, so they have their own approval guidelines for covering medical devices. InterX will work with you to help get all the required paperwork, but it is up to each VA procurement department whether they will approve payment.

Can I use InterX devices on my pet or large animal?

InterX used with the comb attachment is excellent on animals. It will reduce pain and inflammation especially after surgery and decrease healing time. Is excellent for arthritis in pets and has been used very successfully in horses. Clinically, we have seen a reduction in anxiousness in dogs and horses.

What training do I need?

To receive the most benefit from using InterX, training is strongly encouraged. Basic training is available on the website and individual training via zoom calls can be scheduled with a trained professional.

What are the side effects of using the InterX devices?

Depending on your body’s state of health and amount of medication taken, the “side effects” will vary greatly. Some side effects will be: feeling of relaxation or calmness, it may make you sleepy at first, it may cause increased pain for a day before pain starts to reduce due to the nature of the inflammatory response of the body, it may give you energy, reduce fatigue symptoms, clear foggy brain, make your medication absorb better and will feel the effects of the medication more strongly, improve bowel function, help restore sleep. Function improves before longer term pain relief. These are some of the “effects” of treatment when the InterX is used correctly.

Can I over treat with the InterX?

It is recommended to not use InterX for more than 1.5 to 2 hours cumulative in one day. Also, do not use the pads in one location for more than 30 minutes as it may increase stiffness. Over treatment makes the stimulation feel sharp and can stress the body instead of help the body. If you do over treat, just take a break for a day or two and the body will return to normal.