Dallas Physical Therapy for Herniated Disc | Patient Testimonials – Al’s Story

My name is Al Ray and I am 70 years old. About thirty years ago, I hurt my back putting my German Shepard dog in the back of my truck. The doctors diagnosed the problem as a herniated disc. They told me I could have surgery on it or I could just leave it alone and, if I could avoid re-injury, there was a possibility it would heal itself. I chose to do nothing and it has given me trouble off and on ever since. My family has often joked that I was the most inflexible man alive. I had trouble tying my shoes, cutting my toenails and doing anything else that required bending over. This has been a way of life for me and I just accepted it because I thought there was nothing else I could do.

About 10 years ago it started to gradually get worse. Over time, I began to experience numbness in my legs and feet to the point that I felt I would soon have to give up driving because I could not tell which pedal my foot was on. I realized that this must be how those people feel who drive their cars into buildings believing that their foot was on the brake, not the accelerator. I expected to take a bad fall some night when I was going to the bathroom because I could not feel my legs very well and no longer trusted my balance. I actually thought I might soon lose control over my bodily functions because I was going so numb from my waist down. I was at a loss for what to do.

Then one day a friend told my wife, Nan, about the Inter X device. She had experienced some success with it and convinced Nan to talk to me about using it. I was very skeptical of our friend’s perceived success and was reluctant to try any medical treatment not prescribed by my doctor. Mostly to appease my wife, and because I felt I had nothing to lose, I agreed to try the Inter X for 10 days.

On about the second or third day I started telling Nan that she wasn’t going to believe it but I felt like I was getting better. After using the Inter X for ten days we stopped to see how I did. After three days, I begged my wife to start the treatments again. We decided if this thing worked, we had better go see someone that could teach us how to use it properly. Our friends gave us Janice’s phone number and we called to make an appointment. We were told we needed a prescription, so we called our doctor. He wrote the prescription and asked us to let him know if the InterX helped.

I have been using the InterX device and receiving professional treatments from Janice now for one month. I am currently pain free and I have the flexibility back that I lost about 30 years ago. I do still have a few minor symptoms so I am continuing treatment, but I expect to be 100% symptom free soon.

I do not know what kind of luck you might have with this product, but like me, what do you have to lose? What if you have as good or better luck with it than I did? This thing worked for me and I am a believer. I do not expect for this make me live any longer but I do expect to have a much better quality of life as long as I am alive.