P.K.’s Story

InterX Therapy has been a blessing to me. I had surgery on my right elbow to repair ligaments and transpose nerves after an injury. I took Occupational Therapy to strengthen and regain use of my fingers and arm. After therapy, I continued to have pain and feel discomfort waking me up in the night. I had heard about InterX Therapy Center and had relatives who had praised not only the therapy they received, but also the therapists themselves, who were a large part of the success they felt after going through treatment. It took only a few weeks of treatment and the pain diminished in my elbow and I was no longer waking up in the night with pain.

My right knee has also troubled me for years. I fell skiing and twisted my knee and my knee had become sore and weak, so from that point I had to wear a knee brace for strength and protection during times of physically challenging activities. The pain was not constant, but flair-up incidents would occur. I would try icing down the knee, putting a pillow under the knee to relieve the pain, I took Aleve, Tylenol, etc. I tried to sleep on the couch with my knee raised when the pain was too severe at night. I lost some range of motion and it was difficult to raise my knee because of pain, it was painful when I knelt down or brought my knee up to my chest. The pain in my knee is now gone becuase of the InterX Therapy I received.

I am using my home device to control my restless leg syndrome and no longer have to get up to take medication to help me relax and sleep.

InterX Therapy with Janice has relieved my pain and I am grateful to their office for the excellent care they provide to their patients. I had lost energy, motivation and felt sluggish, most days needing 1-2 hours of rest in the afternoon. I am a renewed person and have regained my energy. With the suggestions Janice gave me for my diet, I have been relieved of dietary issues I was also suffering from. Anyone who has any issues they are struggling with should consider treatment at InterX Therapy Center.