Sherry’s Story

Following a car accident in December 2008, I began to have severe headaches due to whip lash and trauma to my head. I sought out remedies for my headaches over the next eighteen months including chiropractics, muscle relaxers and pain pills, two shots to block the nerves in the head, acupuncture, and Botox to the forehead and neck.

I learned about InterX from my husband and decided to give it a try. As I started treatment I began to see improvement in my headaches. Within two weeks of treatment, I was able to stop all pain medication accept for the occasional aspirin.

Since I have completed the treatments, my headaches are mild and infrequent. I have a device at home that I use about once a week to keep the headaches under control. I would recommend InteX Therapy to anyone suffering from migraine or other type headaches. It definitely has made a difference for me.