Megan’s Story

Megan is 27 years old and has many special needs due to an underlying neurological condition. She has had over seventy surgical procedures in the past including a complete hysterectomy three years ago.

Not long after that, Megan developed chronic headaches. Megan saw neurologists, headache specialists, pain management doctors, acupuncturists, and chiropractors who tried just about everything they could think of to help her headaches – all without success.

Megan was on a wide variety of narcotics and many other potent medications to try to control the headaches, but to no avail. Megan found pleasure in nothing and was only remotely comfortable when lying down in a dark room.

Finally, Megan discovered InterX Therapy. Janice Walker began to work with Megan twice a week and slowly but surely the pain levels subsided. We began to take Megan off of the various medications she was taking (which were causing her all sorts of difficult side effects), and the pain kept improving.

Megan also had a lot of accumulated toxins in her system as a result of all the medication she was taking, thus limiting the efficacy of other medications and supplements she was taking. After this course of treatment, Megan’s blood work showed dramatic improvements in many areas, such as her thyroid, which has allowed her to almost completely eliminate this medication.

Prior blood work had shown significant parasitic activity and limited bowel motility. Again, the blood work after her course of InterX therapy demonstrated a notable decrease in parasites while Megan’s bowels returned to normal function.

Megan is virtually pain free now. When she does get a headache, she uses an InterX device at home and within minutes her headache is gone. This has literally transformed Megan’s life.