Kert’s Story

My injuries date back to 1968 from two accidents in construction work. I had nerve damage in my right foot and upper back. The foot injury generated continuing pain that I was generally desensitized to but sometimes elevated to be severe pain. My back injury limits certain activities but in both cases, nothing was observable to friends or family.

In September of 2009, I tripped and fell twisting my body. I did not have any scrapes or bruises but this fall aggravated my past injuries with the following symptoms:

  • Sharp severe sciatic nerve pain in my hip; the origin was a myelogram associated with my back injury.
  • Sharp severe nerve pain in the right knee, calf and foot.
  • I could not tolerate walking any more than 50 ft. or stand more than 5 minutes; the pain was severe and I had no stamina.
  • Pain even continued with inactivity; there was constant discomfort.
  • Frequent episodes of extreme nausea.
  • General sense of nervousness that elevated when I was stressed.

After approximately 10 InterX therapy sessions I began to improve. The sessions continued along and along with home use of the InterX device, I was close to normal after 15 or 16 therapy sessions. The only medication I took during the recovery was Tylenol. I am now in very good condition and continue to use the InterX device at home on a regular as needed basis. I know that Janice’s therapy treatments are the reason for my recovery.