K.O.’s Story

InterX therapy has definitely changed my life. Their treatments and therapy have provided me with as close to a normal life as I can expect. I now visit the center a couple of times a year and have purchased a home unit to treat myself between visits.

In 2008 during a medical procedure, I sustained permanent damage to my femoral nerve.

At first, the damage resulted in what I would describe to be an inconvenience but within a short time I was in at times unbearable pain. The weakness in my leg resulted in me being hardly able to walk and to go any distance I required in a wheel chair.

Over two to three years I saw many doctors too numerous to list, from neurologists, pain management, orthopedics with no significant improvement other than taking pain pills to relieve the discomfort. Finally, a doctor friend who was treating some professional athletes with an InterX machine suggested that I try the InterX therapy. Graciously, he lent us his machine. Within days I could see measurable improvement without using the machine as it would be prescribed at the center.

Once I went to the therapy center in Dallas I was amazed at the results. At first, I was very cautious as I had been disappointed before with other treatments I had tried. I realized, however, after following the suggested treatment regime from the center that the results were unbelievably significant. With time, I had significant relief which allowed me to lead a fairly normal life. While the damage in my leg is permanent, InterX therapy has done wonders for me.

Janice, Annette, and Julie, there are no words for the support, concern, and caring. The whole team is amazing. It has truly been a blessing beyond words.

Have you been diagnosed with or fear you may suffer from femoral nerve damage? Visit us at the InterX Therapy Center. Relief may be closer than you think.