Dallas Phantom Pain Treatment | Patient Testimonials – David’s Story

David worked for an electric company doing nondestructive testing on machines and sensors for industrial applications requiring surface and sub-surface crack detection and metal sorting using such tests as ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrate, radiographic, remote visual inspection (RVI) and eddy-current testing to meet the critical requirements for quality, productivity and safety.

After multiple injuries and surgeries on his left knee he was forced to take early disability. He loved his job and working with his co-workers in the field. His work was like therapy for his pain, which didn’t take it away, but gave him something to distract his mind from it so much.

David’s medical history includes many surgeries:

  • Back Surgery – no infection
  • Two meniscus tear surgeries on left knee – no infection
  • 2000 Shoulder surgery for torn rotator cuff – no infection
  • 2000 Gallbladder Surgery – no infection
  • 2006 Renal Cell Carcinoma, Remove part of kidney – no infection
  • Three total knee replacements on left knee – infections
  • Ten surgical revisions including muscle flap surgery on left knee – infections
  • Thirty hyperbaric oxygen treatments for attempted healing of muscle flap surgery
  • 2012 Hip Replacement – no infection

InterX Therapy has been the most incredible miracle in my life. After three total knee replacements and twelve surgical procedures on the same knee, I continued to have a staph infection from the first surgery. My leg was loose around the prosthesis, it was constantly swollen, hot to touch, red and painful. I returned repeatedly to my surgeon and would either be scheduled for another surgery, physical therapy, or told nothing was wrong. I went to new doctor, an oncologist, and he ran a nuclear scan on my leg and told me the infection was so bad I was going to have to make a decision to “lose a limb” or “lose my life.” He consulted with my surgeon and infectious disease doctor and they told him the leg was not infected. In 2009, I went to the Mayo clinic and they confirmed my oncology doctor’s findings. The MRSA and pseudomonas was so bad in my body it was close to going septic, spreading all through my body, killing my organs. I consented to an above the knee amputation. After the amputation my body started to heal and I was feeling better, but I developed phantom pain which was worse than the pain I had before the amputation; but I was alive and my body was healing. The additional pain was almost unbearable. I started taking hydrocodone 10/325 every six hours, 2400 MG of Neurontin a day, 60 MG of Cymbalta for the pain and emotional stress and wearing a 75 mcg Fentanyl Transdermal Patch. Aside from the pain, I was doing well with my artificial leg but having some balance problems. In 2012, I lost my balance and fell, breaking my hip on the same side as my amputation. I now have the phantom pain, hip pain, back pain (from a previous surgery), severe rheumatoid arthritis pain along with stomach problems from all the medications. I prayed continually for strength, endurance, peace of mind, and emotional endurance. Then God answered my prayers and gave me an incredible miracle.

My wife works for orthopedic surgeons and often visits with the drug representatives that come to the office. She met the representatives with the InterX Neuro Resource Group and they suggested I get an appointment with the InterX Therapists in Dallas, Texas. She called the InterX office in Dallas the following Monday and due to a cancellation on their schedule I was set up for therapy on Tuesday. I was very skeptical; I’ve had a lot of promises over the years that things will get better, but my “bumps in the road” have been numerous and seem to keep coming. They say if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I am here to testify it is not too good to be true! It really works! My InterX Therapists, Janice Walker, OTR and Annette Murray, PT have proved the InterX Therapy really works. They explain everything while they are doing the therapy and how it works. It is truly amazing. After just 3 weeks of therapy I have been pain free for up to two days at a time from hip pain, back pain, phantom pain, stomach problems, headaches and pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have weaned off the Cymbalta and I have been able to cut down on my pain medication. My thinking is clearer and I don’t have that “foggy” feeling all the time. The discoloration in the lower part of my leg is returning to its normal color. When you can see the difference and not just feel it then you know it is real. I am looking forward to more pain free days and the hope of getting off my medications. I thank God for giving me a Miracle!