Sandy S.’s Story

Since my early 20’s, almost 40 years ago, I have suffered from chronic cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine pain. I had spinal surgeries at age 27, 32, and 55. After my last surgery, and still suffering with pain, a friend said she knew someone who was trying a new pain therapy and it was helping her. She didn’t know much about it but promised to find out more and let me know.

When I found out it was InterX Therapy and there was an office about two miles from my home, I was thrilled. A few years earlier, a health care provider recommended the InterX unit to me, so I purchased one from him. He did not do training, but suggested I go about fifteen miles north to be trained. Because it is difficult for me to drive that far, I never got around to going and my unit sat at home unused. Finding out there was an InterX Center close by, I immediately made an appointment to see them. After several weeks of therapy and training on how to use mine at home, I went on a maintenance program. For about a year, I stayed on the maintenance schedule and it helped tremendously. Now, I now use it “as needed.: Because I have a degenerative condition, I will always have some level of pain, but InterX therapy helps keep my pain level manageable so I can enjoy life more fully. Janice and Annette are very competent, caring, and never hurried in their treatments. It is nice to know there is something that will work with my body to help heal and control pain. I would recommend InterX Therapy to anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain.