Dallas Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment | Patient Testimonials – Christina’s Story

I was 16 years old when the pain began and by the time I was 18, I was physically disabled from it. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctors said there was no actual “cure” for it. I couldn’t bend down to play Legos on the floor with my nephew because the intensity of my knee pain was immeasurable. On top of that, I had to have my mom drive me everywhere because I couldn’t even bend my wrists or ankles without feeling a sharp knife-like pain.

I went to countless doctors and took almost every medication out there for the pain. Still, nothing seemed to cure the pain because it would just come right back. I felt so hopeless because summer was almost over and I knew that I would be going to college five hours away and wouldn’t have the support back at home to help me if I were to experience the same crippling pain. It wasn’t until I ran into a friend at Starbucks who asked me how life was and I expressed to him my condition and that I couldn’t participate in a lot of the activities my friends were in because of it. He told me that he also had fibromyalgia and that he saw Janice about it, had the InterX treatment, and felt like a new person. He told me we would have her give me a call because he knew it would help me. Well, I didn’t take it into much consideration because I was so hopeless at this point and didn’t think anything could “cure” me as the doctors said.

Well, a few days later I got a phone call from Janice explaining the treatment and how she was sure without a doubt that it would help me. I had talked to many specialists over the phone in the past, but this was by far the most memorable conversation of them all. You may ask, why? Because there was actually hope in her voice, and it made me have hope for my pain coming to an end. I went to her office and had my first treatment. Though there was no immediate result, I had hope. But it wasn’t long and after the second and third time, I was already feeling like a new person. I would actually have a full night’s worth of sleep without waking up from my pain just because I bent my wrist or ankles. I continued the treatment for two more weeks until I went back to school in Arkansas – and no joke, the pain was gone. I could bend my knees all I wanted as I played ultimate frisbee in front of my dorm! I could go cliff jumping at Devil’s Den’s Lake without experiencing excruciating pain when I hit the water. I even went crowd surfing at a school pep rally – and guess what, no pain! I was able to be a normal 19 year old girl living out her college experience to the full thanks to Inter-X and Janice!

A year ago today, I remember crying in my room because even the physical activity of bathing was so painful – now I sit in my room completely pain-free and am about to go hiking with my nephew! Although my flare-ups of pain will come up every now and then, I luckily have the InterX device with me at all times and it immediately takes away the pain by the next day and I am able to continue on living a normal, pain free life. This is definitely an answered prayer and I am thankful beyond belief that God placed Janice in my life to make my life normal again.