Our warranty guarantees your InterX product is free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of original purchase from InterX Technologies. If such defects appear under normal use, InterX Technologies will repair or replace your product with original invoice with matching device serial number and date of sale noted.

Warranty Labels

A warranty label is adhered to all devices inside the battery compartment. For all electrodes, warranty labels are adhered to the cable. This label cannot be removed. Warranty is void if this label is removed. Warranty is valid only with original invoice from InterX Technologies, with InterX original serial number and date of sale noted. Obvious abuse resulting in any defect will not be covered.

This policy covers:

  • InterX 5002 Professional Device
  • InterX 1000 Personal Device
  • All Accessory Electrodes

The warrantied part must be shipped to InterX Technologies before the expiration date.

Warranty Replacement Policy

Professional devices breaking within the first six (6) months of purchase or with less than 300 hours of use on them, will be replaced with a new device. Devices older than this or with more than 300 hours of use, may be replaced with a reconditioned device at the discretion of InterX Technologies.

Personal devices and accessory electrodes will be replaced with new product up to three (3) months from purchase. After this time, they may be replaced with reconditioned equipment at the discretion of InterX Technologies.

International Warranty: International markets that we distribute to are provided an additional one (1) year warranty to that stated above and in the user manual.

USA: DOC. MKTG-021: G International: DOC. MKTG-065: F