Personal (Blue) Flex Array

Flexible and Precise Neuropathic Pain Treatment

If you’re looking for an attachment that’s perfect for home or on-the-go neuropathic pain treatment and can be shaped to the treatment area, look no further than the Personal Flexible Array™. This attachment is designed for use with both the InterX® 5002 Professional Device and the InterX® 1000 Personal Device.

The Personal Flexible Array is more malleable than our InterX® Flexible Array, so it can bend around joints and smaller areas more easily. It delivers stimulation at all the settings that are provided by the InterX 1000 Personal and the InterX 5002 Pro devices.

Plus, this array delivers a numeric reading indicative of skin impedance when connected to the InterX 5002 Pro device, showing where the stimulation is most effective. While on the InterX 1000 Personal device the patient can determine by sensation the optimal location to treat.

With the Y cable, two Personal Flexible Arrays can be quickly and easily connected to the same device, providing a wider treatment area. Velcro straps help secure the array precisely to the areas in need of treatment and also allow for dynamic movement and treatment – a vital aspect of the InterX® treatment method.

And, like the complete line of InterX devices and attachments, the Personal Flexible Array is both lightweight and portable, so you can take it where the treatment is needed.

Along with our other attachments, the InterX Personal Flexible Array, with its malleability and broad surface area, is the perfect addition to any healthcare professional or patient’s treatment toolbox. Would you like to learn more? Contact us for everything you need to know about the InterX Personal Flexible Array.