InterX® 5002 Professional Device

The InterX® 5002 professional device is a must-have for your therapy toolbox. The InterX 5002 is used by professional sports teams, high school and collegiate athletic trainers, medical doctors and practitioners, military and veterans affairs hospitals, veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, wellness centers, rehabilitation specialists, and many other healthcare providers. 

Its interactive technology utilizes a graphical user interface providing immediate feedback of the impedance of the skin, showing optimal treatment points. And, when paired with our line of accessory electrodes, the InterX 5002 offers non-invasive, non-drug treatment solutions for post-traumatic, chronic and chronic intractable pain.

Watch our training videos here.

The InterX 5002 can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. The InterX 5002 displays the numeric value of resistance on the LED screen. The user can then use the numeric values to determine the best location for treatment. The higher the number, the lower the resistance, the better the location to treat to achieve pain relief. These are areas of inflammation where the treatment will penetrate best. 

Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment applications. Lightweight, portable, and battery-operated, InterX 5002 is the fastest and most effective solution for pain and injury management. A range of accessory electrodes are available that provide multiple treatment options, including soft tissue manipulation and dynamic function. 

Athletic trainers as well as sports physicians enjoy the Sport Mode on the InterX 5002.

The InterX 5002’s Sport Mode can be accessed by selecting the Sport icon from the full preset list.

The Sport mode provides the same preset stimulation patterns as the 5002 mode but the method of selection is through the Injury Curve. The Injury Curve is a graphical representation of the stages of recovery from injury.  It serves as a guide to select stimulation patterns based upon the stage of injury, from initial occurrence beyond repair to chronic.  

Some of the features of InterX 5002 include:

  • Patented interactive neurostimulation system; Patent No. 9,630,003 B2
  • Graphical display
  • Subjective and objective measurements
  • X4 AA Batteries
  • Training manual provided
  • Compatible with all accessory electrodes
  • 15 preset stimulation patterns providing a wide range of high- and low-frequency settings
  • FDA Approved


So, what sets us apart from other neurostimulation tools? There are four main areas where InterX® is different and it requires an awareness of all of them and how they interrelate to really understand why this powerful technology can be so effective.

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