InterX® 5002 Professional Device

The InterX® 5002 professional device is designed specifically for pain and rehabilitation specialists. Interactive technology integrates with a graphical user interface providing immediate access to preset stimulation patterns to treat a full range of injuries and conditions. And, when paired with our line of attachments, the InterX 5002 offers non-invasive, non-drug treatment solutions for chronic pain as well as many other conditions. The graphical displays provide quick and easy access to treatment applications for acute and chronic conditions, as well as new treatment cycle programs.

The InterX 5002 can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment applications. Lightweight, portable, and battery-operated, the InterX® Professional Products are the perfect solution to effective and simple pain and injury management for pain and rehabilitation specialists everywhere and important addition to any rehabilitation program. A range of accessory electrodes is available which provides multiple treatment options, including soft tissue manipulation and dynamic function.

Some of the features of InterX 5002 include:

  • Graphic display
  • Subjective and objective measurements
  • X4 AA Batteries
  • Training manual provided
  • Compatible with all accessory electrodes
  • 15 preset stimulation patterns providing a wide range of high and low-frequency settings
  • FDA Approved

So what sets us apart from other neurostimulation tools? There are four main areas where InterX® is different and it requires an awareness of all of them and how they interrelate to really understand why this powerful technology can be so effective. The interactive nature of the stimulation allows for a unique, evidence-based application that optimizes treatment parameters and thus achieves consistently good results across a broad range of conditions.1,2,3

  • The Technology
  • The Application
  • Optimization of Parameters
  • The Results

More than just a quick fix, when used as part of a full treatment plan, the InterX 5002 professional device can treat any number of chronic pain conditions, as well as promote overall health and wellness. Let us know if you’re ready to add the InterX 5002 to your toolbox. We’re here to help you guide your patients on the road to recovery.