InterX® Comb Electrode

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Electrode

One of the keys to success in neuropathic pain treatment is that the electrode must make direct contact with the skin. But sometimes things can get in the way – even something as ordinary as a full head of hair. Which is why we’ve developed the InterX® Comb Electrode, to allow for the stimulation of nerve endings on areas of skin where hair may hinder skin contact.

Not only can the Comb attachment be used for systemic treatment and pain relief, but treating the scalp is a perfect way to relax, easing stress and anxiety.

A number of protocols require treatment directly to the scalp. With our Comb attachment, the electrodes go through hair for direct contact. What’s more, the Comb attachment works with both the InterX® 5002 and the InterX® 1000, so home users can also enjoy the benefits.

Like all of the InterX attachments, the InterX Comb Electrode is designed to expand the range of treatment possibilities for your device. Whether you’re focusing on pain relief or stress relief, the InterX Comb Electrode helps you reach every area, from head to toe.

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