InterX® 3 x 3 Dual Flexible Array

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Electrode

Perfect for use on the neck, spine, joints, and extremities, the InterX® 3×3 Dual Flexible Array Electrode allows you to apply stimulation to affected areas for neuropathic pain treatment. The Dual Flexible Array provides symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain, adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain, relaxing muscle spasms, and muscle re-education.

The Dual Flexible Array is designed to provide 10-minute treatment options and can be used unattended once treatment parameters have been set. It’s compatible with both the InterX® 5002 or InterX® 1000 devices.

The Dual Flexible Array is designed to deliver interactive neurostimulation through two pads with a series of eighteen electrodes, nine on each pad. The pads are placed on the skin on an area of pain or injury and can then be left unattended for the duration of the treatment. There is a range of strap accessories available to help secure the electrodes and make unattended use possible.

The smaller pads of the dual Flexible Array allow you to treat in multiple places and on either side of a limb, such as a knee or an elbow, and deliver targeted stimulation to both sides of the injured area.

Lightweight yet sturdy, the InterX 3×3 Dual Flexible Array Electrode is the perfect attachment for anyone looking to extend their pain treatment capabilities. And whether you’re using it with the InterX 5002 or the InterX 1000, hands-free neuropathic pain treatment puts relief exactly where you want it.