Post-Traumatic, Chronic and Neuropathic Pain Treatment

1. Our system is patented. The InterX® 5002 and 1000 devices and all of the accessory electrodes are part of a broad patent.

2. Flex Array pads are the only patented technology for self-directing, impedance seeking treatment. The stainless steel electrode pads can be cleaned and used between patients and are extremely durable.

3. The unique design of the device head allows for the greatest skin contact with uniform conduction.

4. Multiple features make it easy to use to get fast results. Take a look at the InterX 5002 and InterX 1000 technical specs for more info.

5. Simple and easy to learn treatment techniques for acute pain yield incredible results – see training

6. Relief from the most stubborn or severe chronic pain is achieved through training by the InterX Therapy practitioners.

7. Founded in 2008, the InterX Therapy Clinic has developed proven treatment methods. You can read a few of their success stories here.

8. Professional and Personal training available by InterX Therapy licensed practitioners.

9. InterX is chosen by the military, professional sports teams in the US and abroad, college teams, high schools, Ninja Warriors, airline pilots because it is non-drug, non-invasive, and produces great results.

10. Chosen by physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, medical doctors across the USA and around the world.