Neuropathic Pain Treatment Devices

One of the advantages of InterX devices and attachments is the variety of injuries and conditions they can treat. And nobody faces a greater threat of injury or other painful conditions than athletes. From sprains, tears, and fractures to degenerative and repetitive stress injuries, athletes look at pain management as part of the cost of doing business. But when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation, InterX devices are perfect for sports teams and athletes. Plus, our line of devices and attachments perform well beyond neuropathic pain treatment, providing a host of other benefits. When we talk about “athletes,” we’re not just talking about a specific sport or exercise.

If you're injured playing sports, InterX Technologies can help.

Why? First, InterX devices are designed to treat a number of injuries. And, along with our line of attachments, our devices can reach virtually every area of the body, pinpointing even the most acute injuries and trouble spots. With our easy to affix straps, the InterX can provide dynamic treatment to injured areas that concern movement.

Second, the entire InterX system is lightweight and portable, so instead of bringing the athlete to treatment, you can bring treatment to the athlete – on the field, ice, track, court, locker room, or anywhere else. Our system is also battery-operated, which means you don’t have to look for an outlet on the sidelines.

Every athlete is going to get injured at some point. But there’s never a need to suffer and, with InterX devices for sports teams, you’ll be off the DL and back in the game in no time.

Teams and Athletes Using InterX Devices and Accessory Electrodes

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLS
  • MMA
  • U.S. Olympic Team
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • ALF





U.S. Olympic Team






Finally, InterX Technologies work. And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the pros have to say about us.

“InterX has helped all the members of my family. If it had been available when I was in the NBA, I might still be playing.”

Bill Walton
3 Time All American, Former NBA Basketball Player

“InterX has been an important part of my NHL career. It continues to play a valuable role in my ongoing involvement in sports, helping to treat a variety of injuries.”

Luc Robitaille
8 Time NHL All-Star

“InterX has become an integral part of our treatment regime, with excellent results in acute, chronic and post-surgical application. The results, portability and ease of application make InterX a valuable tool for keeping the athletes on the field of play.”

Jim Maurer
Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys