InterX Professional Devices

The InterX® 5002 is a pain treatment device like no other.

It is designed for post-traumatic, chronic and chronic intractable, and neuropathic pain treatment by professional sports teams, high school and collegiate athletic trainers, medical doctors and practitioners, military and veterans affairs hospitals, veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, wellness centers, rehabilitation specialists, and many other healthcare providers.

What makes InterX Different?

There are four main areas where InterX is different and it requires an awareness of all of them and how they interrelate to really understand why this powerful technology can be so effective. The interactive nature of the stimulation allows for a unique, evidence-based application that optimizes treatment parameters and thus achieves consistently good results across a broad range of conditions.

The Technology

The InterX delivers an interactive, damped, bi-phasic, sinusoidal waveform through fixed stainless-steel electrodes applied to the surface of the skin. A feedback loop is formed from the circuit created by the device and the skin. The interactivity of the waveform ensures that the device adjusts its output in response to changes in skin resistance, or impedance. This allows the delivery of the treatment to be comfortable without spikes in intensity. 

The stimulation is delivered through small, closely spaced electrodes without any risk of damage to the skin or discomfort to the patient.  Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, stimulating the nerves in the skin will affect all the nervous systems: central, peripheral, autonomic, and enteric. This is why the results of InterX® treatment are so incredible for such a wide range of pain conditions and trauma.

The Application

When treating post-traumatic acute injuries, the scan-target-dynamic treatment is very effective & successful.

1. Scan

To identify optimal treatment points, drag the device over the skin to search for areas where the device will “stick” to the skin or feel sharp, or on the 5002 will give a higher numeric reading.  The InterX 5002 displays the numeric value of impedance (please see “activity reading” in the operations manual) on the OLED screen. The user can then use the numeric values to determine the best location for treatment. The higher the number, the lower the impedance, the better the location to treat to achieve pain relief.  The InterX 5002 may be purchased by anyone with a medical license using their NPI number or a prescription from a medical professional.

Watch our training videos here.

InterX is impedance sensitive, it will grab or stick to areas of low impedance.  These sticky or sharp areas are related to trigger points, acupuncture points, or areas of sympathetic response where the stimulation will best go into the body, yielding the greatest results. Often, but not always, the impedance is high at the pain area and the stimulation does not penetrate well. Continue to scan for sticky areas to identify optimal treatment locations. 

2. Target

Deliver focused, high amplitude stimulation to the areas located with the scanning technique by treating that area until it is no longer sticky, sharp, or the number (activity reading) on the OLED screen reduces.

3. Dynamic

Our recommended protocol involves dynamic movement while using the device on points of pain with or without the accessory electrodes.  The neurostimulation from our electrodes along with movement changes the pain signal to the brain. This is one of the most effective treatments for pain relief.  Results vary from person to person, depending on several factors such as the type of pain and the time span of pain.  

When treating chronic or chronic intractable pain, a more thorough understanding of treatment is usually required. More steps will be involved besides scan, target, and dynamic.  

The InterX 5002 can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment applications. And, when used with the InterX electrode accessories, the InterX 5002 can treat hard-to-reach spots or allow for hands-free treatments.

Optimization of Parameters

Research has shown that the optimization of various treatment parameters can significantly increase the effectiveness of neurostimulation across a broad range of conditions. Missing or bypassing any one of these factors could significantly reduce or even nullify any clinical benefit from treatment. This is why previous neurostimulation research has had mixed results and real-life clinical applications often leave therapists very disappointed. The correct application of the InterX optimizes all of these parameters and offers therapists a way to scientifically apply neurostimulation with evidence-based protocols and achieve excellent results.

See treatment guides for more information.  

The Results

InterX devices and accessory electrodes are FDA cleared for pain treatment. However, the secondary results of treatment may often be experienced beyond pain relief, especially when treating the face, scalp, spine, and abdomen. 

To learn about the treatment protocols for these areas, please watch our training videos.  

Both patients’ reports and clinical results have shown better sleep, less bloating, less irritable bowel and bladder symptoms, a decrease in anxiety and depression, less nerve sensitivity, elimination of foggy brain, amongst others. 

InterX has been clinically proven to be effective on complex chronic conditions that have not responded to any other treatment. As well as post-surgical orthopedic pain, which has proven difficult to treat with neurostimulation in the past. While the protocols for each of these applications may be very different, the technology allows for the treatment to be customized for every patient and their condition to ensure optimal results. 

Many patients are amazed by the results of their InterX treatment. Many learned and experienced therapists believe InterX is the most effective and consistent modality they have ever used. They benefit from the scientific and clinical evidence to support its application.