InterX Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Our state of the art technology has put advanced pain and injury treatment in the hands of healthcare professionals and patients alike. We're proud of the work we do – and of the journey we've taken. Here, you'll learn more about us, how our devices work, and just some of the many people we treat and serve every day.

Why InterX

Neuropathic Pain Treatment 1. Our system is patented. The InterX® 5002 and 1000 devices and all of the electrode attachments are part of a broad patent. 2. Flex Array pads are the only patented technology for self-directing, impedance seeking treatment. The stainless steel electrode pads can be cleaned and used between patients and are extremely […]

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Sports Teams

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Devices One of the advantages of InterX devices and attachments is the variety of injuries and conditions they can treat. And nobody faces a greater threat of injury or other painful conditions than athletes. From sprains, tears, and fractures to degenerative and repetitive stress injuries, athletes look at pain management as part […]

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Personal Use

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Devices and Accessories Chronic pain means more than discomfort. It means sacrificing work, activities, and recreation, even the simple act of moving around. At InterX Technologies, we’re passionate about neuropathic pain treatment. We’ve made it our mission to ensure there is no need for you to suffer without the need for invasive, […]

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Professional Use

InterX Professional Devices Designed for pain and rehabilitation specialists, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health care professionals who focus on neuropathic pain treatment, the InterX® Professional 5002’s graphical user interface provides immediate access to preset stimulation patterns to treat a full range of injuries and conditions. It’s a pain treatment device like no other. […]

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Repairs and Product Lifetime

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Devices We design and manufacture all of our products to withstand plenty of use, travel, and wear. But in order for our neuropathic pain treatment devices to maintain their accuracy and precision, they do have their limits. Here’s everything you need to know about our device repair and lifetime information and policies. […]

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Treatment Guides

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Devices If you’re not familiar with InterX Technologies, you may not know about the wide variety of conditions it’s able to treat. This device treatment guide serves as an introduction to our treatment process so you’ll see the range of possibilities the InterX device holds. Getting Started The body has a natural […]

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