InterX is a highly advanced form of non-invasive interactive neurostimulation (NIN) for relief of pain of any origin. From a simple sprain to chronic severe pain caused by CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) or phantom limb pain, treatment with InterX can yield phenomenal results.

The InterX name is derived from how it performs, how it interactively communicates with the body’s nervous system. This unique patented technology provides an interactive response to impedance changes in the skin.

When placed on the skin, the device or accessory electrodes form a feedback loop between the device and the body. The electrical impulses from the electrodes adjust dynamically as the device encounters changes in the skin where it’s in contact with the electrodes. The InterX device continues to adjust the stimulation as the body responds, keeping the stimulation comfortable, and reflects the changes in the nervous system communicated through the skin.

InterX is not like other stimulation technology you may have read about. InterX stimulates the nerves in the skin; this is called cutaneous nerve stimulation. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, stimulating the nerves in the skin will affect all the nervous systems: central, peripheral, autonomic, and enteric. The stimulation is delivered through small, closely spaced electrodes without any risk of damage to the skin or discomfort to the patient. This type of stimulation does not go deeper into the muscle tissue, which means our devices and electrode accessories can deliver a higher amplitude (mA) stimulation while providing a comfortable sensation. The higher the mA, the greater the release of long-lasting, pain-relieving chemicals in the body known as endorphins. This is one of the reasons why InterX can successfully treat chronic intractable pain.

Download >>>White Paper- InterX Mechanisms

Plus, when used on an acute injury within the first few hours the results are so incredible the exact mechanism of action is not clearly known. When treating for pain from a burn, bug bite, sprain, bone fracture, muscle tear, etc., not only is the pain and swelling reduced or eliminated on day one, the results of the immediate treatment clinically demonstrates no blister from a burn, no pain from a bite, ability to walk on a recently sprained ankle and x-rays show faster bone healing. For this reason, many of our InterX users carry their device with them wherever they go.

Unique in their ability to access virtually any part of the body, our accessory electrodes allow the user to treat on the scalp, face, and spine which affects the central nervous system (spinal and cranial nerves) which in turn yields the greatest results for chronic pain (more than a few days old from injury) and neuropathic pain. When used over acupuncture points, the results are faster than dry needling and traditional acupuncture as reported by patients and therapists that have used both. Plus, there is no pain from the needles! InterX is the technology that helps people with pain when nothing else has worked.

Patented Technology

The InterX devices and accessory electrodes (link to page) are the only patented technology of its kind. The patent number 9,630,003 B2 encompasses the InterX Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation System including the 5002 and 1000 devices and all attachments.

  • We are a registered medical device manufacturer
  • Products are FDA cleared for pain relief and pain management
  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Products are UL/CSA certified
  • Products pass applicable IEC 60601 electrical safety specifications
  • Products conform to the European Medical Device Directive (MDD)